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Sex At The Gym: Does It Really Happen?

Sex At The Gym: Does It Really Happen?
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OK boys - I read all these stories about encounters at the gym, buff guys walking around with boners, jerking off in the showers, blow jobs in the sauna and teasing dicks when you're spotting for a muscled weight lifter. Does this stuff really happen? Is it easy to find some hot guy at a gym?

If these stories are true then I need to sign up ASAP but if they aren't and I'm the only one in the sauna without a towel and a sporting a raging hard-on I'll look pretty silly. So what's the deal here?


They are real. At least some of them are.

I have givin head in the sauna several times. Never have seen anyone walking around with a hard on though. And the guys come in the sauna with a towel.



Quote: (Originally Posted by Garrett)
And the guys come in the sauna with a towel.

Yes, and they sit with their legs spread wide if they are interested.



Also it depends on the gym...locally we have one gym where everyone is naked in the sauna and steam room. Eight miles away is another gym (same chain) where nobody is naked and all are wearing swim trunks. When in Rome...



There are some gyms that are known for some gay folks around if any straight walks in there, either he likes it or searches another gym :)


I've been in MANY gyms that are cum cities! Look for a YMCA with a steam, sauna and/or pool. You'll think you're Dorothy in Dicktown! If things aren't hopping in the steam or sauna, then start scratching your balls or adjusting your cock. You can put the room's action into high gear. Hotel gyms are hot places too.



I've never seen anything happening at the gym I belong to. I think it depends on the area you are in. I've heard in West Hollywood, the 24 Hr Fitness there is practially like a bathhouse or sex club, at least in the late or very early am hours. I'm in a more family oriented area, most anyone around here would probably be too sqeamish to do anything even if they wanted to. I see very hot men at my gym all the time. No doubt some of them are gay.



Of course it happens. If you have half naked, or fully naked men, who are all muscular and exhausted from a workout all together, things are bound to happen if any of them are remotely interested.

I have run into several men. Given a few BJ's or jacked off with them. To me it's the reward after a killer workout.

While you are working out you will generally be seeing a variety of Gym goers. Some have their headphones on and are into their own thing, some are alone and just trying to focus on their set. You may make eye contact with any of these types, but the most likely to follow you into the shower room/sauna is the guy who is working out, and working out hard, but doesn't really seem to have a routine. This one will make passing eye contact the most. However, nothing is for sure until either he "end's up" in the locker room with you or vice versa. Even still, depending on the area, you need to proceed with the utmost subtlety.



Cool. Good advice, all. I've had an encounter at a hotel sauna in NYC once and that has been fuel for many j/o sessions. Any other gym tales to tell out there?


I saw a hot blond dude hardon in the shower so i sucked him off



It absolutely happens.

I had sex with a guy in a sauna while another guy looked on. Later that day, my friend who went to the same gym, said he heard a guy in the sauna was getting fucked by the gym's manager. I'm assuming that was the same guy who sucked me off. Or maybe it was someone else.



Why doesn't this kind of stuff happen at my local 24-hour fitness?? You guys must me lucky... or maybe I don't stay long-enough after-hours or something...


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